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We design and develop commercial and industrial real estate

We are professionals in developing and equipping client-specific commercial premises in record time. Whatever you require, we can provide.

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How We Work

Step 1: We design

We will design each building exactly as you want it; our buildings can be designed to accommodate your every request, and are available to lease or to buy.

Step 2: We deliver

Upon design approval, we will develop the building to your specifications, and upon request we can fully furnish the building as well. Best of all, the work will be completed in record time.

Step 3: You move in

Our work is done, and all that’s left is for you to move in and start enjoying your company’s new home!

Our Journey

Established in 1991, CEFINCO has been making history in El Salvador ever since. We are a reliable development company that executes client-tailored projects in record time.

Each project is carried out by a multi-disciplinary team who ensure only the very best quality in the finished product. We are committed to providing solutions and answers for any concerns our clients may have, and we’re more than happy to adapt our projects to their requirements and budgets in order to create an efficient workspace that they can make the most of.

Our future is shared with our clients, and we are forever helping each other grow. With each new project we take on, our skillset and experience broadens, and we can then use this additional knowledge in our future work. This means that not only are we constantly improving as a team, but that our clients are receiving an ever-improving quality of product.

Our Solutions

Our Services
Commercial Solutions
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Smart Building Systems
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CEFINCO is here to help you.

Centro Financiero Gigante, Alameda Franklin Delano Roosevelt, San Salvador, El Salvador

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