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CEFINCO is a multi-disciplinary team, made up of individuals who truly love what they do and are the best in the business. We’re proud to say that CEFINCO projects are completed in record time, and we can accommodate any requests our clients may have. We are committed to providing solutions for any concerns that may arise during the development process, to ensure that our clients receive the only very best service.

We’re confident that no one else works quite like we do, and that we’re the best team out there. It’s a bold statement – we know – but with so much experience and expertise behind us, we feel it’s justified.


About Us

CEFINCO has been recognized as a leading development company in El Salvador, and our projects have become a reference model for further development that is carried out in the country. In our buildings reside countless large, prestigious international firms which span multiple professional sectors.

Our mission dictates our professional course, and our services are characterized by seamlessly executing time-sensitive projects, using only the highest quality materials, while maintaining competitive price points. As well, we have positioned ourselves as specialists in turnkey projects within the BPO industry.

If you’re looking to expand your development experience, CEFINCO would be the perfect place for you to learn. By working with us you’ll gain invaluable experience that spans all aspects of a development project, from design to procurement to construction.

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Our History

When CEFINCO was founded in 1991, the company’s vision was of being the leading company in the real estate industry in El Salvador. Today, CEFINCO is venturing into new real estate divisions, and this original vision is now our reality. We have designed, procured, and developed over 500,000 square meters of commercial space, which is a remarkable achievement. It’s thanks to our innovation that our high-quality work has been recognized.

Over the last three decades, industry-leading BPO companies have moved into our facilities, and in doing so they have noted an increase in production, a reduction of overheads and an improvement of workspace quality. Without people filling our buildings we would be the only spokespeople for their value, but by showcasing the feedback we receive from our loyal clients, we can make history together.

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Our Work

We are committed to taking on new challenges and we are ready to put the work in. We not only hire highly qualified personnel, but we also employ the use of high-end machinery and cutting-edge technology. We are pushing to be ever-evolving, as we believe that the only competition out there is with ourselves. We’re better today than we were yesterday, but we know that we’ll be even better tomorrow. This is our future.

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