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The Retail Spaces Thriving In El Salvador Today

Actualizado: 29 jun 2022

An industry that continues to grow.

In 2022, retail is one of the biggest industries and most popular ventures for young entrepreneurs and business owners. A rich and diverse industry, with seemingly unlimited potential, this well-tapped market is presenting a great opportunity for investors to explore.

In El Salvador, the retail market is currently valued at approximately $4.5 billion, with a broad range of retail outlets, markets and online stores flourishing across the country. From the smallest convenience store to the largest shopping mall, the industry is booming, with promises of more to come.


El Salvador is home to a big range of retail sectors, hosting both brand-name chain stores like Super Selectos and Walmart, alongside independent markets and local fairs. With the cultural draw of handmade Mayan crafts, the markets, in particular, serve as popular tourist traps, with many travellers flocking to find and haggle for the best price.

Malls are another popular retail space, with brands such as Apple, Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Guess attracting a wealthier crowd with money to spend. Food retail has also grown in popularity and strength over the past few years, with baked goods and confectionary proving increasingly in demand with locals and tourists alike.


Centro Comercial Galerias, Paseo General Escalon

Widely recognised as one of the biggest and most popular shopping malls in El Salvador, Galerias is home to both big-name stores and brands and diverse leisure spaces too. Set against a backdrop of hotels, supermarkets, and entertainment venues, the Galerias mall is a buzzing hotspot for shoppers, travellers and workers - with employment opportunities steadily rising in the area.

Best Retail Space For Shopping trips, fashion, home, food, and services.

With rows and rows of craft stalls, handmade gifts, furnishings, fashion and food, the artisanal market in San Salvador is a thriving space for shoppers and tourists to explore. Known as the ‘capital’s best handicrafts market’, this colourful and vibrant shopping experience is a regular favourite for finding bargains and higher-end pieces alike. Cash-in-hand transactions make for easy payments and easy purchases, making it a great opportunity for sellers to turn a handy profit.

Best Retail Space For crafts, food, ceramics, fabrics, clothes and hammocks.

SOHO Cascadas, Jerusalem Avenue

Referred to as ‘the place you can find the cultural identity of El Salvador’, SOHO Cascadas is a leafy, artistic shopping venue along the Pan-American Highway, with a big range of high-end stores, restaurants and entertainment. Promoting popular bistros, glossy storefronts and a big open interior, this modern plaza is a sophisticated retail space - designed to draw in the wealthier residents and travellers in El Salvador.

Best Retail Space For interiors, home goods, luxury fashion, dining, and entertainment.

The retail market is growing and climbing and expanding, with more and more sectors finding their own place in the industry. A rapidly diversifying and progressive area of the Salvadoran cultural landscape; retail is the place to look for a good investment in 2022.

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