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The best cities in USA for real-estate investment

Which cities give the best chances for return on your investment.

Real-estate is a popular investment opportunity. From residential properties to commercial developments, the sector has huge potential for return on an investment, and offers a number of ways to recoup an initial lump sum. However, not every location is equal when it comes to investment opportunities, as some will be more profitable than others. This article is exploring the best cities in the United States for real-estate investment.


Charlotte is a city considered to be strong for business, in part due to the rapid expansion of the metropolitan area. The fast population growth has provided a greatly increased base for staffing, which has in turn allowed business to flourish in the city.

As well, thanks to the huge number of universities and colleges in the area, there is a steady stream of young individuals hungry to enter the workforce. It’s this strong employment base that makes Charlotte such an appealing prospect for commercial real-estate investment.

And the city’s draw doesn’t stop at business; the residential market is just as solid. Residential real-estate here is often a seller’s market, which makes it an ideal place to invest in properties that can be renovated and flipped for a profit. The low property taxes that the city benefits from make this style of investment even more lucrative, compared with other US cities.


Orlando is a tourism hotspot, which makes residential and holiday real-estate investment of all kinds hugely lucrative. It’s thanks to this that investors can feel confident that there is the potential for a stable and reliable income to be made from real-estate here.

Due to the volume of tourism that the city sees, there’s huge scope for employment opportunities as well. Investing in office, retail, and hospitality spaces to lease out to local businesses is generally a safe bet, due to the consistent demand.

As well, Florida is exempt from state income tax, which makes a return on investment in the state even more valuable.


Houston is a major player in the US oil and gas industry, and is home to over two million people, so it makes sense that it’s also an employment hub with huge volumes of job opportunities. Both the bustling business scene and the large populus makes the city a fantastic investment opportunity, with commercial and residential spaces in high demand.

As well, Houston is famous for its affordable housing, which makes it an appealing spot for many. Just as in Charlotte, investing in fixer-upper properties throughout Houston could prove lucrative if done right.

On top of this, Texas has no state income tax, which is just one more draw to investing in Houston.


Atlanta is home to a fast growing population, with both fast-paced business opportunities and family-friendly tourist attractions. It’s the best of both worlds, which makes it ripe with real-estate investment opportunities.

The growing professional population is driving demand for retail, office, and other commercial real-estate developments, while the rest of the population is pushing the housing market upwards. It’s this population growth that makes Atlanta such an investment hot-spot, and it points to a healthy real-estate market.


Las Vegas has a huge tourism industry, with vast numbers of people flocking to the city year on year. It’s due to this that despite several financial crashes in the US, Las Vegas continually bounces back and maintains a stable and predictable real-estate market.

As well as the number of employment opportunities that Las Vegas offers, Nevada is another state with no income tax, so the attraction for professionals is compounded. It’s due to this tax break that a lot of people choose to work remotely from the city, rather than living in a higher cost location.

The demand for space – both commercial and residential – is enormous, so investing in property here is a smart move.

Before deciding upon where to invest in real-estate, it’s important to cement the desired outcome from an investment. Whether it’s to run seasonal rentals and take advantage of tourism opportunities, to provide office space to local businesses, or something else entirely, it’s important to have a clear goal in mind as this will dictate where is best to invest. Start with this goal and work up from there.

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