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The Next Smart Home Tech To Be Excited About In 2022

Technology is moving so fast!

The world of technology is always changing, and there’s always a new gadget or upgrade to be excited about - particularly when it comes to smart home tech. The smart home technology industry has been valued at over $622.59bn in 2022, and the market is expected to continue growing and evolving at a rapid pace as the year goes on. It’s one of the hottest areas of progressive technology right now, and it’s a space worth investing in - whether you’re a homeowner, ambitious property developer or high-profile real estate agent.

There are some great new smart home tech products to discover for your home right now - from hi-tech security installations to automatic energy-saving appliances.

Google Matter - Google


Set to be released by Google later this year, the Google Matter development technology provides the next generation of developer connectivity between all of your smart home devices. Developed as a collaboration between Google, Apple, Amazon, and the Zigbee Alliance, this multi-funded project will allow all smart home devices in your home to be controlled by just one Matter app or one remote. From turning on your favourite playlists to controlling the temperature of your home, the Matter remote is designed to be intuitive and universal - the perfect companion to your Smart Home set-up.

Apple Home Key - Apple/iOS


The latest in Smart Home security, the Apple Home Key is an automatic door locking system that can only be accessed via a personal key in your Apple Wallet, Apple Watch or through your iPhone’s Face ID software. With a touchpad door handle and digital padlock, this new and innovative piece of security technology is great for keeping your home safe and secure, with available functionality to add guest access for visitors when you’re away.

Digital or virtual keys are becoming increasingly popular in modern real estate, and are a growing security trend of desirable real estate.


Described as the most ‘precise security camera’ of the range, the Arlo Ultra Security Camera is an upgraded and evolved piece of kit, designed to offer the user ultimate access to their home surroundings online. Promising 4x more detail, weatherproof casing, 4k HDR video and enhanced night vision, this all-in-one security camera also comes with two-way audio for easy and sophisticated communication - no matter where you’re speaking from.

In terms of functionality and style, the Arlo camera is wire-free and easy to install, with a subtle design that won’t distract from the exterior appearance of your home.


Eco-friendly, sustainable and energy-efficient technology is proving increasingly popular for the 2022 real estate marketing, with more and more buyers looking for greener tech options in their homes. The Google Nest ‘Planet Protector’ Learning Thermostat is designed to seamlessly integrate itself into your home environment, learning your preferences for internal temperatures and programming itself to meet your ideal heating requirements. This handy device will learn your routines and help you save energy when you’re out and use only the amount you need when you’re home.

With a number of in-built functionalities and additional features, the Nest Learning Thermostat is a popular choice for environmentally conscious buyers and investors.


Finally, the latest addition in exterior security; the Chamberlain myQ Garage Security system. Controlled through an accessible cross-platform app, this system is set up with a number of possible accessories and devices to protect and secure your garage - from security cameras and sensors to digital keypads and remote lighting controls. Available for seamless integration into your existing smart home set-up, the devices are small and simple to install, making them popular with property developers and homeowners alike.

Smart home technology is continuing to grow and change, as real estate markets and the property industry begin to prioritise modern, sustainable living.

Find out more about our smart building systems at Cefinco.


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