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Why Accessibility Matters In Modern Real Estate

Onwards and Upwards!

In 2022, the world is progressing, changing and becoming more inclusive than ever before. Once-marginalized communities are championing change and celebrating diversity for all its advantages in the modern working world - and so the need for accessibility and accessible spaces is becoming a priority.

But not only is accessibility at the forefront of the working world, it’s also becoming a must-have criterion of real estate too, with more and more domestic and commercial properties implementing accessible features throughout.


When it comes to accessible properties, the term generally describes buildings, houses, offices and spaces that are without the typical barriers people with disabilities may be impeded by. These can include things such as stairs without lifts, signs without braille translations, doorways without ramps, etc…

But in a much larger sense, accessibility is often seen as the open door into a professional working and social environment. Accessible buildings allow for a new workforce to enter, a new social group of individuals to bring ideas and creativity and change to the way we work and live, and a new demographic to support further real estate developments.


Not only is there a significant ethical and moral backing for improving the accessibility of real estate, but accessible real estate also allows for a broader and more diverse range of customers and clients - ready and willing to build up their property portfolio.

The old stigmas and stereotypes of disabilities have long since been dispersed by incredible rich and successful individuals with physical or mental disabilities, and the need for accessible buildings is rapidly increasing. People need spaces they can get to to work, grow, build and expand their businesses, and accessibility is going to be one of the first factors they consider in their property search.

  • Future-proofing real estate

There’s also an argument to be had in favour of future-proofing properties and large real estate developments, as providing these accessibility features now ensures that your property will always have a reliable market, no matter what the future brings. The population is living longer and more and more wealthy individuals will need physical support to move around their spaces, so already accessible property developments could be a solid investment to make now.

  • The Competitor Edge

There is always a market for accessible real estate, and as a development, those who provide it can gain a real edge and advantage over their competitors and rival businesses. With accessibility carried out to a high standard in an attractive modern property, whether for domestic living or for commercial purposes, clients are far more likely to choose your property over a competitor - regardless or not of their own need for it.

Accessibility is a field more and more property developers, real estate agents and construction professionals are exploring in 2022.The definition of ‘disability’ is wider and broader than ever and the spaces we live, exercise, work and socialise in need to reflect that to meet these growing demands.

If you’d like to discuss our commercial development opportunities, we’d love to hear from you! Follow this link to start a conversation today.


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