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Commercial property trends for 2022

Upcoming trends for the year ahead.

The Covid-19 pandemic upended almost every working sector across the world, and has changed the way some operate, for good. Real estate is one sector that was heavily affected by the pandemic, and is still learning how best to adapt to the new model of working life. At CEFINCO we make an effort to keep up to date with the trends in the property and development industry, and this article is collating our top picks for commercial property trends to expect in 2022.


One of the biggest changes that the pandemic brought to professional life is a change in working practices. Flexi-working is now the norm across a large proportion of the world, which makes traditional office layouts and designs relatively obsolete.

In response to the new, more communal way of working, throughout 2022 we’re likely to see a shift from sectioned, company specific offices to more co-working and flexible workspaces. Offices are being designed to be adaptable to a tenant’s needs, rather than being cookie-cutter layouts that tenants must make work for them. Individual spaces may also be smaller than in previous years – reflecting the reduced number of staff in the office at any one time – while the remaining larger spaces are offered as co-working spaces for those who are happy to intermingle.


There’s no denying it: property development is a huge contributing factor to the climate crisis. While it is clear that the CO2 emissions that come from developing and running a building are huge, properties are a crucial part of modern life. So, now is the time to come up with a solution.

It’s easier than ever to incorporate more sustainable practices into property development. From using renewable or ‘clean’ energy sources to power the project, to implementing solutions that create a green building (think better insulation, motion sensor lighting, and the use of sustainable materials).

Sustainability is set to be a big trend in commercial property development for 2022, as not only does it do genuine good for the environment, but it’s also a desirable USP for a property to hold.


With work being more remote than ever before, technology has to be there to support the scattered nature of staff. Commercial buildings will need to maintain strong internet and phone signal links, with sufficient energy outlets across all floors to ensure a work environment that allows businesses to run smoothly.

As well as ensuring that a building is technologically sound for its tenants, using smart technology such as smart building systems creates a more efficient building. From surveillance systems to heating, from fire detection systems to lighting, every aspect of a building can all be controlled from one central system. This means that not only is managing and running a building a smoother experience, but that a building runs on only the energy it needs, making it more efficient and therefore more sustainable.


E-commerce has blown up over the last two years, thanks to the pandemic. With everyone at home, online shopping was the only way to go, and even now that life has returned to somewhat normal, online retail is still hugely popular. This means that companies are requiring more storage than ever to house the extra inventory.

As well as initiating a boost to online shopping, the pandemic was also responsible for countless supply chain issues. With borders closing and movement halted, goods couldn’t make it from one country to another without serious trouble, and unfortunately the global supply chain crisis could last some time yet. In light of this, storage units are set to be in high demand this year.

Despite the setbacks of the last two years, the commercial property industry is looking strong as we progress through 2022. Overall, it seems that commercial property is moving from being a place where businesses mold to a building’s design, and becoming a place that molds itself to a company’s needs instead. These trends point towards a more modern, adaptable, and inclusive industry, which can only be a positive thing.

If you’d like to discuss our commercial development opportunities, we’d love to hear from you! Follow this link to start a conversation today.

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