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Why El Salvador makes a great base for outsourcing

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

All the key information on why El Salvador makes a great outsourcing base.

When a company’s mission is all about outsourcing, it’s extremely important that where to base the business is chosen correctly. The ideal location is somewhere rich with land to be developed, a place where the company can help the local community by creating jobs, somewhere that it can offer affordable property to clients, and somewhere with great connections to other countries. El Salvador comes up trumps in all these fields, and it’s why many businesses have chosen to set up shop there.


El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, but it has no trouble keeping up with its larger neighbors. Traditionally an agricultural country, the social landscape has shifted in recent years and the service sector now dominates the economy. It’s partly thanks to this emphasis on the service industry that property development businesses, like CEFINCO, are able to grow and provide top-quality services to their clients.


El Salvador benefits from lower property prices than some other Central American countries, which makes laying down roots there a more appealing concept than in, say, Costa Rica or Panama. These reduced rates serve to make commercial property more affordable and more attractive than in the larger countries, while retaining the same great location links and resources that are seen across America’s central belt.

As well as lower property prices, the cost of living is also typically lower in El Salvador compared with nearby countries. This means that not only would clients benefit from more affordable commercial property, but they would also save on everyday costs – it’s a win-win situation.


El Salvador is incredibly densely populated, which in turn means that there are great pools of employees just waiting to be snapped up by development companies. Organizations are able to collate teams of incredible local workers, all highly skilled in their trade. Due to the high volume of available staff, you are also afforded the opportunity to select only the best tradesmen for your teams. Being able to offer jobs to so many local Salvadorians and to help the community in this way, is one of the great benefits of being based in El Salvador.


Only a fraction of El Salvador’s land is used for urban purposes, and as a result, the opportunity for developing land is vast. Not only is there a large supply of available land to develop, but it’s more affordable than in other Central American countries. These lower land prices help both companies and their clients as they are able to develop business opportunities at reduced rates compared with competitors.

On top of the available land, the country possesses an abundance of natural resources, including but not limited to hydropower, geothermal power, and petroleum. The ready availability of these resources can really only make El Salvador a more attractive place to base a business.


The racial diversity of El Salvador has allowed many languages to flourish within its borders. Spanish is the official and dominant language of the country, but English and French are also widely spoken.

The variety of tongues that are spoken is an asset that the country is lucky to have, and it makes managing communications with different nations much easier than in some other countries. By outsourcing to El Salvador, a company benefits from local staff with broad language capabilities, which is a highly sought-after skillset.

There is an abundance of reasons to choose El Salvador as a location for investment and the ones noted here are just a handful of them. Consider following in the footsteps of countless successful companies that have come before, and make the move to El Salvador today – you won’t regret it.

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